BMW X5 (E70) review

2010 saw the debut of BMW X5 (E70). The restyled version might aswell be regarded as a new generation, as the Crossover has been thoroughly modernized. The X5 E70 is a powerful representative of the CUV class, possibly even its benchmark, which gives it the premium price tag.

The X5 E70 of 2013 is undoubtedly a very impressive machine, carrying on board all of the latest, cutting edge gadgets. It trumps its predecessors in comfort, safety, eco-friendliness, aesthetic qualities and power, doing away with the 6 cylinder engine in favour of a new 3 litre, 306 horse power engine that pushes the E70 to 100km/hr in only 6.8 seconds. The premium version, displacing the atmospheric 4.8 litre engine, boasts a new 4.4 litre V8 version with TwinTurboPower technology and a direct-injection fuel system. This wields a whopping 406 horse power and allows the E70 to reach 100km/hr in just 5.5 seconds. The diesel version comes in either a 245 horse power or a 306 horse power version, both of which are 3 litres. They are turbocharged as well and are in no way inferior to the acceleration prowess of their gasoline compatriots, whilst consuming noticeably less fuel.

The gearbox had not been forgotten in the new X5 E70, which offers a new 8 speed automatic transmission over the older 6 speed model, providing the CUV with a better, smoother transition between gears.

The X5 E70’s exterior has not seen wholescale renovations, with only the front bumper slightly retouched. The main angles and curves on the E70’s bodywork remain true to their predecessors, as does the interior, where the tweaked details are not particularly conspicuous. The instrument panel has been redesigned, especially around the central display screen, whilst the doors’ finish now looks a little different. The new style and colour scheme give the X5 E70 an almost cosmic feel – a feel of an ultra-modern, high tech world, making the X5 E70 a gorgeous addition to the BMW family.