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Tell me, where the fuses in a BMW x5 E70 are located?


The headlight washer doesn’t work anymore… I would like to see what happened there.

The battery of BMW is dead, how can you open the car?!


It’s impossible to open it with the key. Can you tell me what can be done in this situation?

Client Advisor/BMW of Nashville


The following letter was submitted by one of my most caring and enthusiastic customers. I met Dr. Karl Rogers in 1991 as he was finishing his Fellowship and venturing on to practice Oncology with an affiliation at Baptist Hospital.

Misc. Rambling


“thanks for the car”…not!

I’m afraid I must begin this article with my deepest apologies. I am truly grateful to my in-laws, and love them very much. My friends are the greatest in the world. I look up to my grandparents with the utmost respect.