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Identified deficiencies CR-V II model after 6 months and 6000 miles

The car is noisy

I want to say here that I am quite disappointed in the CR-V II model after 6 months and 6000 miles. Maybe for those who are thinking about choosing this vehicle would be interested in this. Many issues have already been discussed on different forums online, but I decided to gather all this information together.

Questions about Honda CIVIC


I have a Honda 2000 civic LX. The lights dim and brighten rapidly on the dash board and head lights and overhead. I had the alternator checked. It was OK. It does this while driving or at idle. What do you believe the problem might be ?


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Honda Pilot II


    The crossover Honda Pilot II, from 2013-2014, has good reliability, powerful engine, it is a really comfortable model and it has a great size, meaning that the car is spacious inside. It has quite a good off-road performance. In 2008, at the Detroit auto show, the world has seen the second generation of Honda Pilot. Afterwards, in 2012 there was carried out a restyling, so the SUV got refreshed, and another set of accessories was added too.