McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton Has Won the F1 Race

Grand Prix du Bresil - 02.11.2008 -SaoPaulo-Interlagos- F1

Now that Formula One Race has finally come to an end, McLaren’s Lewis Hamilton has won the 59th edition of the British Grand Prix. He is has moved up to the Driver’s standing reaching Ferrari’s Felipe Massa and Kimi Riakkonen all in 48 points. Hamilton has been affected by continuous weather changes but still he has won the race. He has finished ahead of second placed Nick Heidfeld. He had successfully raced over Ruben Barrichello on the third rank.

Last year, Lewis Hamilton has crowned himself as the winner. More expectations continue to build up as Lewis Hamilton of McLaren leads the driver’s standing closely followed by Massa and BMW-Sauber driver Robert Kubica. It has been a very different Formula 1 year than most people expected. There have been unbelievable situations that took place at every one.

There were extraordinary drivers who have participated in the fifteen races. Kimi Raikkonen has shown driving skills, as well how Massa flawlessly performed and kept growing steady and he has won the total five races for the Ferrari, the Italian team. This has been a real accomplishment for the Brazilians.

Once again, complex situations have shown how uncertain and complex these speed races are. No driver is secured until the first car crosses the finish line.

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