RV Fixing Before The Camping


I am currently looking for some cheap camper parts so I could fix my RV that got destroyed by the last storm that we had. I have to fix it really quick because my friend is inviting us for a camping trip and told me to bring the RV with me because he will be bringing his. What I need right now are some new camping mats, some new mantels for the awnings, canopy clamps because it went missing and some awning handles. I also need to check if the engine of the RV is still working properly because it has been a while since I last used it and needs to work on the body paint as well. It’s a good thing that I have some paints in the garage and I can still use them so I could fix the outer paint of the RV. The inside is fine though because everything is still intact and I can even sleep in there in the middle of the night without worrying that somebody might get inside because the locks and windows are perfectly fine and sturdy. It’s just the outside that took a lot of beating that has to be fixed.


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