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Tell me, where the fuses in a BMW x5 E70 are located?


The headlight washer doesn’t work anymore… I would like to see what happened there.

BMW Super Cars, Never Put Into Serial Production

bmw-V12-lmr1 (1)

Did you know that, there is a BMW X 5 with V12 engine, a M5 series convertible and amazingly designed Z1 predecessor? Didn’t You? Then keep reading. All these masterpieces came out from the sportiest Munich’s corner: M GmbH, the performance subsidiary of BMW AG. Most of the cars are fully developed, only… they have never appeared in BMW showrooms. Nevertheless now…

The BMW X5 battery: where it is located, how to charge, what type of it to buy, and more.

BMW x5 Replacement Procedure

It is worth to mention right from the start that the original automotive batteries on X5 are installed perfectly well. If you analyze the testimonies, you will find that these have a lifespan of 8, even 10 years, which exceeds the lifespan of all the commercially available automotive batteries with at least twice.

The main problems and shortcomings of the BMW X5


BMW X5 problems

Even if the BMW X5 has much fewer problems than any other average car, it is still not an ideal car, so you will find a series of problems that you may confront with. It is worth mentioning here that BMW X5 is one of the first SUV cars that were designed to be used more on the road than off-road. You will see that this particular model can boast about the style, great control and comfort rather than the ability to move on any road.