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Faults BMW X5 (E53) 1999-2006 model year. Operation and basic problems, shortcomings BMW X5


The cause of common e53 x5 lean misfire in 6 cylinder petrol engine. Also may present with an engine rattle, especially on start up.

Nissan Juke – several other shortcomings

Red Nissan Juke

Immediately after purchasing the Nissan Juke, I endeavoured to detail my first impressions. Half a year and six thousand kilometres later, several other shortcomings in the Juke force me to compile another list and point them out.

Identified deficiencies CR-V II model after 6 months and 6000 miles

The car is noisy

I want to say here that I am quite disappointed in the CR-V II model after 6 months and 6000 miles. Maybe for those who are thinking about choosing this vehicle would be interested in this. Many issues have already been discussed on different forums online, but I decided to gather all this information together.

The main problems and shortcomings of the BMW X5


BMW X5 problems

Even if the BMW X5 has much fewer problems than any other average car, it is still not an ideal car, so you will find a series of problems that you may confront with. It is worth mentioning here that BMW X5 is one of the first SUV cars that were designed to be used more on the road than off-road. You will see that this particular model can boast about the style, great control and comfort rather than the ability to move on any road.