The battery of BMW is dead, how can you open the car?!

It’s impossible to open it with the key. Can you tell me what can be done in this situation?

The secret is hidden at the back cover of the number plate light

– Remove the cover of the number plate lights, put 12V on wires and it should open. We have to disassemble the cover of the number plate, take out the lamp, connect to an external battery, click the Open button on the key fob and we get the miracle right in front of our eyes! It’s confirmed.

More effort on the Key

– If the door handle has a hole for the key, push the key to the left until it stops, and even make an additional effort. Most importantly, do not be afraid to break something. You must turn the key harder to the left side. If the lock had been locked on, you may need to lift up and pull the door handle when turning the key, so as to tighten the key in the lock.

Now, we will open the hood with a screwdriver (tested on BMW e34)

The length of the screwdriver should be no less than indicated in the picture.

Open the hood with a screwdriver BMW e34

This method is for those who have no additional lock on the hood. We start by taking a flathead screwdriver of 20cm long and stick it on the right side (if viewed from the front) of the central grille by about 10cm, between the plastic and the hood, and lighten it with a flashlight. We have to stick the screwdriver at the left of the lock and at the right of the hood opening mechanism (hinge).

Open screwdriver BMW e34

Screwdriver BMW e34

Video: How To Unlock The door When the battery is dead on a BMW E32 & E34

Video tutorial on how to unlock a BMW when the battery is either dead or disconnected. The locks do work on an electronic based system, but by using this tutorial you are able to bypass that and activate the mechanical side of the system instead. This tutorial does work on a variety of BMWs such as an E23, E24, E28, E30, E31, E32, E34, E36, E38, E38, E90, and many more. If this procedure does not work on one lock on the vehicle, move to another door lock on the vehicle. Depending on the age and mechanical condition of your handle, this procedure may not work. Trunks should be accessible without using a procedure such as this as they work on a mechanical device at all times. If you are unable to get this method to work, gain access to the trunk and some BMWs have the battery located there. From there you can power up your vehicle’s electronic system and then open your locks. If your battery isn’t located there, in some situations you can power up your trunk lights as it turns on automatically when the trunk is open. This in turn will power up your vehicle’s electronics. This particular tutorial was done on a 1994 BMW 740i.

Video: How to open a bmw x5 , battery dead

You need a jump box , 2 long lead , under x5 reach starter cable with red lead , ground cable to brakes.

Video: BMW X1, X5 and X6: Open and start the latest SUVs with dead key fob batteries and hidden key holes

An updated demonstration of opening and starting the BMW X1, X5 and X6 SUVs with a dead battery in the key fob or remote control and a hidden key hole. There is still a way to get in and start the cars.