Buick 1931 Seven Passenger Sedan

This classic Buick 90 was bought in Port Huron in 2001. I planned to go to Hershey and discovered the ad in Hemmings. Together with some friends I went up there and met the owner, Craig Sulliday, a nice man with a straight, honest Buick for sale. Needless to say I bought the car then and there. To make a long story short, the car came to a snowy Norway in February 2002.
Seven passenger cars have a long tradition in Norway as transportation for tourists on the West Coast (Vestlandet). Due to the eager efforts of some true enthusiasts, we find quite a few Buick seven passenger cars in Norway. The most thought after is the 1931 Seven Passenger Phaeton.


Every summer there is a seven passenger gathering, usually ending up at Hotel Union in Geiranger. If you want to see Norway at her most beautiful, do not hesitate to come and see for yourself.

Classic Buicks in the most incredible scenery you can imagine…