Faults BMW X5 (E53) 1999-2006 model year. Operation and basic problems, shortcomings BMW X5

The cause of common e53 x5 lean misfire in 6 cylinder petrol engine. Also may present with an engine rattle, especially on start up.

BMW X5 E53 Common Issues:

Common issues to look for under a bmw x5 e53, includes a look at the automatic gearbox plug sleeve seal removal and replacement, castor bushes, cv boots, and charge hose seals.

Front Lower Control Arm and Sway Bar Link Replacement

How to replace the front lower control arms and sway bar links on an E53 2001 BMW X5 4.4i. The symptoms of worn out control arms are brake shudder at speeds of 50-60mph. Very worn out control arms will cause other handling problems. You can verify if your sway bars are worn by jacking your car up, grasping the wheel at 12 and 6 o’clock and rocking the tire in and out. If you see what you see in this video, you need to replace your control arms.

Correcting tire wear

This is a customers modified 4.8is with the matching optional wheels and high performance tires. Regardless of what model E53 you have, you can be faced with this problem. This fix is a procedure for determining and remedying excessive or irregular tire wear rear tire when all rear joints appear to be in proper spec.