Honda Pilot II

    The crossover Honda Pilot II, from 2013-2014, has good reliability, powerful engine, it is a really comfortable model and it has a great size, meaning that the car is spacious inside. It has quite a good off-road performance. In 2008, at the Detroit auto show, the world has seen the second generation of Honda Pilot. Afterwards, in 2012 there was carried out a restyling, so the SUV got refreshed, and another set of accessories was added too.

     The exterior design Honda Pilot II looks quite masculine

It combines the simplicity of lines without excesses, and the classic style of the SUV’s frame. Although after the restyling, the rough edges got smoothed. But in general, the changes are not so visible. The Crossover got new lights, which has almost an identical shape as the old model. The fog lights now don’t seem to be just glued on the lower bumper, but are placed in special stylish wells. Also, the lower front part design had some superficial changes. Still, the differences are minimal and hardly noticeable.

Beyond the simple, and you can say strict exterior of the crossover, you will find the same impressive interior of the cabin. Of course it has a minimalistic style, but is designed with taste. The interior is made in two colors and looks very harmonious, there is nothing that would be unnecessary in the design. The devices from the front panel are arranged in a simple manner, without stylish wells for them. In the centre of the front panel, you will find the large screen of the on-board computer, and the gearshift lever being placed in the center console from the driver’s side, which is a quite interesting and unusual decision. The steering wheel is multifunctional and has on it the main control functions, and the light-colored upholstery of the cabin makes the interior part seem larger and visually pleasant. The crossover has 8 seats, so you might say it’s a real SUV. The most interesting part of this is that in the third line of seats you will find enough space. The materials used for the seats, which have obviously high quality, can also be mentioned here. The settings and the climate conditions are separately for the driver, for the front passenger, the passengers in the second and respectively third line of seats, which is also quite interesting. Considering the comfort and spaciousness, Honda Pilot can be compared with Ford Explorer.

  Technical specifications

There is no special great diversity when we refer to the technical part of the crossover. It is equipped with a gasoline engine and a 5-speed automatic transmission. Together they provide a good flexibility for such a big and massive vehicle. The suspension is a little bit harsh. On poor road surfaces, the passengers from the back side will feel the bumps and holes. The fuel consumption unfortunately is quite high, but in comparison with its competitors, according to this indicator, the crossover is almost the same.