My Brand New Car

I just bought my new Porsche 996 (911) 1997-05 model and I must say, it already did a lot of wonders for me. In the span of two weeks, I already got tons of phone numbers from a lot of girls in bars, restaurants, malls, and even in the bowling alley. But believe it or not, it’s not the best thing that I found fascinating about the car. Besides the fact that it is a 2 door convertible and has rear engine, rear wheel and all wheels driving, I was able to get it with a discount on the custom paint job from the retailer.

The agent said that if take advantage of their custom paint job, they will only charge me one hundred dollars for the work. The Porsche was originally colored black, then I decided to put a flame painting at each side to make it look fierce. What I need to do right now is to look for some Porsche Accessories, particularly that Autoglym Ultra Deep Shine spray to have a better look for the paint, and I got to get me one of those Tyre Pressure Monitoring System to have a better feel while driving the car.