Nissan Pathfinder III – interior and specification 2013-2014

Nissan Pathfinder III, from 2013-2014, is one of the best models from its class. The Powerful, reliable and stylish SUV is legendary and unique in its own way. At the present time, it is the third generation of the famous SUV.

The history of Nissan Pathfinder  model goes back to 1986 year, when the first SUV for the US market was created. Later on, there were carried out modernization and renovation procedures, so as to make the automobile meet the standards and stay close in time with its competitors.

The exterior part of this SUV can be regarded as a classic one, considering the cars of this type. As a real modern SUV, this car has no longer severity of lines and edges of the body, but it still retains all the aspects of a model which is made for off-road. The handles of the back doors are positioned laterally, which is a bright characteristic. When compared with the previous model, there are no major changes in the exterior design. There were held mainly technical and equipment changes.

The interior Pathfinder III 2013  is very spacious and comfortable

These were the most important criteria for the release of the new generation. The car interior itself is designed quite simply, so in this case, minimalism is typical for every detail of the interior side. Everything is in a harmonious and simple combination. The car cabin is dominated by metal inserts, which dilute the usual gray design.

The instrument panel is shaped in a simple manner, and the center console has nothing special about it as well. The quality of the materials of interior parts is quite impressive. The plastic is soft and pleasant when touched. The fabric upholstery of the seats also looks nice and expensive, and the leather interior with the most expensive accessories completes the luxurious and exclusive style. It is worth to mention here that when having a comfortable seat, the visibility is just great. This is valid for front, as well as back seats. The seats can be adjusted in a wide range, having heating system and memory, and also a solid support on lateral sides and orthopedic properties.

Technical specification Nissan Pathfinder III

The new generation has now the new 190 hp diesel engine, and the second engine has 231 hp. Together with these the engines, the following can work: the 6-speed manual transmission or the automatic 5-speed. The dynamic characteristics are really good. Maybe the car has not enough mobility in the urban environment, but on the other side the indicator of the fuel consumption is quite impressive. As a real SUV, this car has only diesel engine options, the others are not provided.