Off road Toyota Land Cruiser 200

Toyota Land-Cruiser 2013-2014 is a modern off-road SUV which retains all of the features present in the classic offroad vehicles – unparalleled reliability coupled with a sense of masculinity. 2012 saw the start of a modernization program aimed at updating both the exterior as well as the technical specifications of this legendary SUV.

Albeit there are no major overhauls in the Land Cruiser’s appearance in 2013-2014, there is an extensive list of changes. The front bumper, front and rear lights as well as the rear-view mirrors have all been revamped. A new, more imposing, grille is coupled with a re-designed bonnet, which now has two protruding strips along its sides. For greater variety, a total of 9 different colours are on offer for the exterior. The dimensions remain unaltered at 4950mm in length, 1970mm in width, 1950mm in height, a 2850mm wheelbase and a 225mm ground clearance.

The front lights are now more ample as they bulge outwards at the sides, whilst on the inside both dipped-beam and full-beam xenon arc headlamps have been upgraded. Daytime running lights are another new addition. The reconstructed bumper has received brand new circular fog lamps, giving the Land Cruiser a more presentable look. The grille, with sparse alterations, has become more imposing and is now in possession of an inconspicuous camera. The large arches house wheels 18 inches in diameter or greater, whilst the side mirrors are now equipped with LED turn signal repeaters. Wide step-bars help you ascend to the salon, located beside the chrome plated protective moldings at the sides. At the back, rear position lights now use LED lamps, whilst a rear view camera has been inset into the manufacturer’s emblem on the back door.

The Toyota Land Cruiser’s salon presents less innovations that its exterior

The main changes aim at expanding the repertoire of functions available, which were in great supply even before these revisions. The dashboard and the centre console have been updated, and new colour variations of the interior have become available. The gauges have been finished with new trim rings, whilst the centre console’s 8 inch EMV touchscreen display shows a plethora of information such as outside temperature, fuel consumption, the gear engaged and tyre pressure. Generous use of metal in the salon’s finish give the interior a modern look. The salon is home to a multitude of colours and one colour in particular, silver, looks in harmony collocated with the others.

The multi-functional steering wheel has plenty of additional control buttons for general comfort. The salon’s seats are spacious, with passengers of a delicate body frame possibly facing problems holding position on sharp corners. The front seats’ positions can be adjusted in 8 directions, separated by a large armrest with a cooling box. Both front and rear seats can be heated, with the second row seats being adjustable in both position and seatback angle. The second row can comfortable accommodate 3 passengers, whilst the 7 seater variant provides a third row which can be reserved for children and adolescents. The 7 seater offers 455 litres of luggage capacity, which can be increased to 2315 litres if the second and third row seats are folded. The quality of materials found in the salon can evoke no complaints, as it is trimmed with soft and expensive plastics, with metallic controls, combined with leather that give it a luxurious look.

Technical specifications

This offroad SUV comes with one of two possible, very powerful, engines – a 309 horse-power petrol or a 235 horse-power diesel. In comparison of their dynamics specifications, they are practically equal in accelerating to 100km/hr, which they achieve in 8.6-8.9 seconds. However, the petrol variant’s fuel consumption is very large, akin to a real, powerful offroad SUV. The suspension handles the offroad brilliantly as always, with an independent coil-spring suspension at the front and a dependent coil-spring variant at the rear.