The main problems and shortcomings of the BMW X5

BMW X5 problems

Even if the BMW X5 has much fewer problems than any other average car, it is still not an ideal car, so you will find a series of problems that you may confront with. It is worth mentioning here that BMW X5 is one of the first SUV cars that were designed to be used more on the road than off-road. You will see that this particular model can boast about the style, great control and comfort rather than the ability to move on any road.

Obviously it may be considered one of the drawbacks of BMW X5, but contrary to this, I think it is its main advantage. The car initially was not created for off-road. The main goal of its design was to bring its owner the pleasure of driving and sense of prestige. So, even if this car has approximately twice fewer problems than other cars, you will deal with some drawbacks.

Strong vibration

Many owners of X5 model complain about a vibration, which is much stronger than it is expected from a proper vehicle. This is much easier to notice especially when you stop the car by automatic transmission and the foot on the brake pedal. This issue is related to the fact that the engine has an increased number of the idle speed and because of this, there are much larger vibrations.

Very noisy brakes

It is a common problem for more BMW models – the noisy brakes. Some people compare these with the old brakes of the truck. The company dealers often don’t want to fix them because their noise is within specifications and it doesn’t influence the efficiency of the brake. When buying such a model, make sure to check the brake noises.

Excessive wind noise

For this particular problem, the sunroof and the front doors should be blamed, but sometimes the noise can be caused by any windshield. At least many of the BMW X5 owners successfully reduced some of the noise in the cabin by reinstalling the sunroof. The main problem with the doors is that these don’t fit tightly enough to the car body. Before buying, it is recommended to drive the car and listen to the noise level.

Excessive oil consumption

Many of the BMW X5 owners note that their car consumes the engine oil very quickly. Even if you will hear in car repair services that the oil consumption is a little bit higher and that it is normal for such a vehicle, it is worthy to pay attention to it.

Discharged battery

One of the most frequent complaints is related with the self-discharging battery while the car is turned off. The main cause of this problem is the radio, which in cold weather can work on its own even if the car is turned off at this time. The origin of this problem can be easily eliminated at the service station.

Too many thefts

This car is very popular among car thieves, so if you want to buy a used car, make sure to check its ‘’pedigree’’. Maybe it had already been a target of thefts in the past.