V70 Cross Country AWD

Look to Volvo to correctly define the concept of all road motoring in a vehicle so complete, and so advanced, it simply has no equal.


Its intelligent all-wheel-drive continuously monitors each wheel and automatically sends the power to the wheels that have the most grip Engineered with 4-wheel traction control, a 197 horsepower engine and a 5-speed Geartronic automatic transmission, the Cross Country takes safety, performance and driving pleasure to new heights.

Cross Country img

V70 Cross Country AWD

Body style:
5-door, 5-passenger, sunroof, non-sunroof

Drive train:
All-Wheel-Drive, 4-Wheel Traction Control,
5-speed Geartronic automatic transmission

5-cylinder DOHC,
Low Pressure Turbo: 197hp