Tell me, where the fuses in a BMW x5 E70 are located?

The headlight washer doesn’t work anymore… I would like to see what happened there.

The first box is located in the trunk at the right side, behind the wall; you just need to remove the cover as in the picture with a grid. The only difference is that the picture shows the left side, but you need the right one.

bmw box is located in the trunk at the right side

The second box is located at the feet of the passenger, under the glove compartment, but it is hard to get there! You should remove the foot cover and climb into the depths.

As you may know, the BMW electronics are very reliable, and if something suddenly stops working (cigarette lighter, windshield wipers, lights, etc.), the first thing we recommend is to check the appropriate fuses. Unfortunately, there are no fuse diagrams in the X5 manuals, and I would like to fill this gap in our website.

x5 e70 fuse diagram

X5 E70 has two fuse boxes – one is located in the trunk compartment (next to the lamp in the right side), and the second (attention!) is found at the feet of the front passenger under the glove compartment, below the dashboard panel.

x5 t70 fuse panel

If the first box can be opened easily (by pulling the handle), the latter can be opened only armed with a screwdriver, a flashlight and at the same time being able to crawl under the glove compartment. I do not know why the second fuse box is located in such a hidden place for the ordinary driver. As it turns out, in order to replace the fuse pieces, you need to go to the auto service.

Below is a fuse diagram of the gasoline BMW X5 5.0, 2011. Each car should include its own diagram in the fuse compartment of the trunk (folded sheet), but it often happens that the used cars do not have it there.

Video 1: Location of Front fuse box in 2007 – 2013 BMW X5


Video 2: Fuse Panel Location and Access For A BMW X5 E70